GOP Candidate Requests Advanced Foreign Policy Tutorial, President Declines

Seeing this story at TPM makes me wonder about Romney’s game:

The Romney campaign suggested Friday that President Obama should release notes and transcripts from his meetings with world leaders to prove that he is not promising world leaders to change his position after November, in a statement to National Journal. Democrats responded that this request betray’s Romney’s foreign policy “naiveté.” 

The statement, from Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul, came in response to a call from the Obama campaign that Romney release 30 years worth of tax returns. Team Obama claims that a policy that allowed Bain Capital employees to invest retirement money in companies bought by Bain through a special share class, raises “questions about Romney’s manipulation of the tax laws.” Saul’s response brought the subject back to Obama with a reference to his “hot mic” incident with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev:

“The Obama campaign is playing politics, just as he’s doing in his conduct of foreign policy,” Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul wrote. “Obama should release the notes and transcripts of all his meetings with world leaders so the American people can be satisfied that he’s not promising to sell out the country’s interests after the election is over.”

Yep. I think Team Romney has no game.

In honor of April Fool’s Day, I’m going to advance my personal Obama 11-Dimensional Chess Theory notion (probably someone else has thought of this first, but I haven’t seen it); that “hot mic” incident was no accident. Two messages were conveyed: 1) President Obama is reasonably comfortable about his chance for re-election, and 2) Grown-ups will resume talking after the election is over.  What gets highlighted in all this is that Gov. Romney is kind of weak at foreign policy, showing his ass regarding the START treaty not that long ago, and having to be chided by House Speaker Boehner about politics ending at the water’s edge just recently.

One might suggest that Romney does realize that this kind of information is privileged for a reason (and for that matter, transcripts wouldn’t just possibly be uncomfortable for Obama, but for any foreign leader he may have spoken to) and is just gassing. But that this silly request comes in response to the Obama campaign’s request that Romney release 30 years worth of tax returns is telling.  It took an uncomfortable amount of pulling to get the couple years’ worth out of Mitt—he’s pretty defensive about his financial information. After all, one might find donations to Planned Parenthood or NOM, for all we know….

In short, Obama is now living in his head rent-free.

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What a smokescreen. Mittens really doesn’t want to release those tax returns, does he?

Not for the first time, the neocon-backed buffoon proves his unfitness for a role on the world stage.

(Just for whevs, I’m serious about the NOM, and the Planned Parenthood. Because Romney has tried to be on both sides of the culture war, I don’t think he should get the benefit of either side.)

Yes, not ready for foreign policy—just for sniping at the actual president. Kind of Palin-y.

Pretty telling that Andrea Saul’s primary concern is what Obama will be doing after winning the 2012 election . . . shouldn’t she be so confident that Willard will win that it doesn’t really matter what Obama’s plans are?

Does Andrea Saul really believe that, if Obama does indeed intend to “sell out” America to foreign interests once he’s in, he would openly say so—in fact, that he would “promise” to do so—and put it in writing?  Come on, no one can be that stu—

Sorry.  I forgot who we’re talking about.

I’m going with the “once the elections are over the adults will resume the adult conversations” angle, and what a total slap Rmoney correctly preceived that as.  WATB, most definitelt.

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